Migrating between versions in FlightOne



There are 3 different types of firmware versions:

Stable firmware – This firmware is released with no knowledge of bugs and is a good fit for all pilots that just want to setup their drone and fly. The latest stable firmware can always be found on: https://flightone.com/download

Beta firmware – Beta firmwares contain new features, but may have bugs that have not been fixed yet. Please read the change-log before flashing new version. Join our Discord and visit the #beta channel to get help, provide feedback, or to check new version notes. The latest beta firmware can always be found on: https://flightone.com/beta

Alpha firmware – before you get started flashing alpha versions, please read the following:

1. Your quad is not going to fly well
2. You will have to put in work to make it fly well
3. Expect everything that works normally to be broken

You can find this firmware in #test-monkeys channel on our Discord via the Pinned Messages section.


Configurator versions have the same types of versions as firmware; stable, beta and alpha.

Starting from version 1.1.* configurator supports auto updates that fixes software problems and doesn’t affect your drone and firmware..

So don’t afraid to install new patches to fix configurator bugs.

If configurator update will require new firmware too, the configurator will warn you about this.

If you need old firmware you can find it here:

And configurator here:


If you don’t find the configurator that matches your firmware or vice versa, don’t worry just choose the nearest higher number.

Migration from old versions


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