Setup a Plus + Quad on FlightOne


Do all the wizards like you normally would do. Then go to the CLI and type one of the following commands:


set mixer_type=8



set mixer_type=9



If I recall correctly, mixer type 8 would be if you set the quad up with reversed props; ie. Front CCW | Right CW | Rear CCW | Left CW


Which would make mixer type 9 be regular props ie. Front CW | Right CCW | Rear CW | Left CCW


Now, it’s been a while since I’ve set it up. So, I highly recommend that you arm the quad WITHOUT propellers on first and make sure the quad behaves normally (ie. pick it up and see if motors respond as you move quad’s nose down, left, right, etc.)


If it doesn’t respond correctly (quad jerks back and forth) try the other mixer.


Do all that armed testing WITHOUT propeller on.



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