HQ 5×4.3×2 V1S Durable Propeller


HQ 5×4.3×2 V1S Durable Propellers have been highly popular in the FPV industry. Needless to say, HQ followed the suite with the objective of an improvement to the 5x4x3 V1S- one of the preferred size specifications within the “V1S” community. Actually, it was an important issue for some of the top FPV pilots in the world. There were Ummagawd, Mr Steele, Skitzo, and Chad Nowak who perceived the issue.

As the consequence of it, HQ 5×4.3×2 V1S Durable Propeller came to the scene.  HQ 5×4.3×2 V1S Durable Propeller can take a hell of a beating. It can keep everything flawless so that it seems to you nothing has happened.

With an importance on a few key points like more efficiency and more power to reduce prop wash, this particular Durable Propeller was manufactured and introduced. As the name indicates, V1S durable propeller uses durable materials to last long. It can last even after several crashes. Generally, Nylon & Polycarbonate are used respectively as manufacturing materials for two verities. Polycarbonate material is more popular than Nylon.

As Polycarbonate V1S Durable Propeller uses a stiffer polycarbonate, it ensures improved thrust levels compared to a Nylon Propeller. Nylon Propeller has less deflection power at high RPMs. The use of stiffer polycarbonate lets you fly more and allows you spend less time to change props. The latest version variant with 4.3 pitches is capable of generating more thrust than its predecessors. It has been a preferred choice for the motors that suffer from the lack of top end thrust.


Material: Durable (polycarbonate)

Color: Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Light Blue, Purple

Number of blades: 3

Shaft: 5mm (a 5mm center hub)

Part Number: 5×4.3x3V1S

Length: 5 inch

Pitch: 4.3 inch

Material: PC

Rotation: 2x CW and 2x CCW

Hub ID: 5mm / 9.5mm

Hub OD: 14.5m

HQ 5×4.3×2 V1S Durable Propellers are more efficient and powerful to ensure top end thrust. We sell these products at most competitive prices. Place an order today to receive it at your doorstep within a few working days.

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