FlightOne Modes


Simple description of the FlightOne modes and their functions.


FL1 Modes

Arm Arms your quad

Acro-level Similar to horizon. Allows for flips/rolls yet still auto-levels at center.

Logging Starts/stops logging when you activate

LED Switches mode of your LEDs on RF FC

Direct Sets RC smoothing to 0 (RC Smoothing will smooth control input from stick movement)

BrainDrain Changes FC operating methods to enhance cornering by changing the way D is calculated. Lets it act faster than default calculations, but making it noisier. So it may be slightly harder to tune.

Profile 3 Changes to profile3 (must disarm first due to FC reboot during this process)

Preload Removes 20% Throttle input requirement for full ā€œIā€ term (allows quad to be armed and set to high angle for faster race starts. Quad will hold this angle until takeoff. Motors will continue to wind up if this mode is activated and quad is armed on ground or test bench.)

AutoKi As you ramp full stick quickly it lowers KI (helps to reduce bounce back during freestyle)

Level Auto-levels with no flips/rolls

Failsafe Triggers Failsafe

Buzzer Activates Buzzer

LEDcolor Changes your LED color

Vtx on Takes vtx out of pit mode when vtx is set to automatically boot to pitmode

Profile2 Selects Profile2

Quopa Automatically flips quad when stuck inverted after crash (turtle mode)

MotorBeep Uses dshot commands to beep motors (do not need to use dshot)


Always double arm Requires always flipping arm switch twice for to arm

Single arm Still requires double arm for initial arming. Single switch arm after


Quopa Mode Setup Options

Automatic 2 motor Only uses 1 or 2 motors that are unstuck auto-flip back over. Can wiggle sticks to aid flip

Manual 2 motor Does not assist in flip over. You must use sticks to flip quad over yourself



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