Motor Directions


No matter how professional you are, sometimes mistakes are made.  Wiring a motor wires backwards or forgetting to reverse a motors direction sometimes happens. In FlightOne, it is an easy fix.

First you’ll need to find out if you are running, or if you want to run with a “Reversed Prop Direction”. This option can be found under the “CONFIGURATION” tab.


When the switch is off, your props will spin in towards the front and back of your quad.  When the switch in on, your props will spins in towards the sides of your quad.  Please see the figure below that illustrates this.

Once you have made the change or identified which way you want your props to run, click “SAVE” at the bottom right corner of the screen.  On some computers you may need to scroll down to click save.

Once saved, navigate to the “SETUP” tab and click step 6, “FIX MOTOR DIRECTION & IDLE.”   The goal now is to follow the steps on the screen and make sure the props are spinning in the direction you chose.  First make sure that your PROPS are OFF your quad and the battery is plugged in.  Once complete, check the box and click next.

On the next screen Raceflight will find a suggested idle speed for your quad.  If all motors are spinning follow the prompt by clicking “YES”.


A new graphic and prompt on the screen should appear and ask you which motor is spinning.  Select the correct motor, then click next, and follow this step two more times.  During this step, it helps to have the front of your quad facing away from you to correctly identify the motor position.  If you do not correctly identify it, you’ll have to complete this process again.


After repeated the step above two more times, another prompt should appear and tell you to wait for the tones to complete then push “OK.”  Follow this prompt.

A new graphic should appear giving you options to reverse the motor direction.  If your motors do not spin correctly, you will be revisiting this tab shortly.  At the bottom right hand corner, click “START MOTORS”.

Another prompt will appear telling you to click “OK” after the motors have finished beeping.  Follow this prompt.

All your motors should now be spinning.  Referencing the figure posted above, make sure the motors are spinning the appropriate direction in accordance to your “Reverse Props” switch.  So if your switch is off, make sure the props spin in toward the nose and rear of the quad.  If the switch is on, make sure the props spin in toward the side of the quad.

If your motors are spinning the correctly direction, then hit “YES” and then “DONE”, and your motors should now be set up correctly and you are done.  If any of the motors spin in the incorrect direction, make note of which motor it is and click “NO”.

Follow the prompt on the screen and click “OK” when the tones finish.

With the notes you took earlier, click the switch on each of those motors to change its direction.  Note, there is no right or wrong way the switch should be facing, as it depends on how your motors wires were solders on. Once complete, click “START MOTORS” again.

Follow the prompt on the screen and click “OK” when the tones finish.

Check the direction of each motor and make sure that they are now all spinning in the right direction.  If they are not, make note of which motor is spinning in the wrong direction and the steps above again. Otherwise, if they are spinning correctly in the direction selected then click “YES.”

Click “DONE” and you’re finished!



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