Installing Spektrum SPM4649T Receiver (Quad Race Serial Receiver w/ Telemetry)


If you are using the connector plug attached to the SPM4649T you will connect the receiver as described below.

If you want a tighter install using the SPM4649T,  you can de-pin/de-connector the SPM4649T. But please note, the three solder pads underneath the connector use a different mapping, essentially the VCC and GND are reversed. below depicts the correct wiring for a de-pinned  SPM4649T.

The SPM4649T was also designed to be stacked on to the Revolt, here you can watch a video on how to de-pin and stack the SPM4649T –

Once you have successfully connected your SPM4649T and you have checked polarity and for shorts, if you haven’t bound your SPM4649T to your radio, you can do this through the RF1 GUI. Go to the Configuration tab and press “Bind Spektrum” button – 

Once you have pressed this, a window will open up asking you which protocol you would like to use (it is highly recommended using DSMX 11ms, this will allow you to get the best out of your Spektrum radio). –

Once you click “next”, it will ask you to power off your SPM4649T by unplugging your USB, plug the USB back in within 3 seconds, and orange led on your SPM4649T should be flashing fast indicating it is in bind mode. Select Bind on your radio whilst the led is flashing (make sure you have a bit of distance between your SPM4649T and Radio). The radio should then indicate it has binded DSMX at 11ms.

After your SPM4649T is binded, run through the GUI wizards on the setup page. Once complete, your configuration page should look like this –


I have soldered my SPM4649T to the Flight Controller now the flight controller does not work.  – You either have connected the SPM4649T in reverse polarity, or you have a short on your SPM4649T after removing your pins.

I tried to bind my SPM4649T, the led is flashing but it still wont bind. – Move the radio further away and try again.

My SPM4649T wont power up – Make sure you have bridged the 5v on the underside of the Revolt.


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