Adjusting TPA in RF1


TPA can be adjusted and customized to “tame” aggressive pids during certain throttle positions. This can be especially handy if fighting Mid-throttle-oscillations, or vibrations during medium to high throtttle on HD video.

To access the visual TPA in the GUI, navigate to the PID Tuning page in the latest GUI. 

Next, select the “SHOW TPA” text at the top of the PID tuning page.


TPA is split into 9 throttle ranges. From left to right = 0% throttle to 100% throttle. If you find that your copter is oscillating or vibrating during mid stick to high stick, then simply play with the TPA numbers in that range by reducing the value, saving and testing. Below is the default TPA settings for this firmware. Notice the mid throttle reduction? This would be a good starting point for someone with moderate mid throttle oscillation.

For an example, here is the TPA settings that currently work for me on a particular setup. I had small vibrations from 30% throttle to full throttle. Adjusting the TPA with my PIDs in this way, fixed my mid throttle oscillations.


Notice how i adjust my Kd tpa curve to match Kp.


Play with the numbers and test to see how it affects flight performance! Enjoy!



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