ESC – 1 Wire Command List.


All settings can be changed in the ESC tab of the GUI, but if you wish to use the Console to make changes to your ESC settings here is the list of commands.

1WIRE Commands (Must have battery plugged in and Props removed).

Always “1wire save” after any changes. All commands are entered without quotations. 

The following commands work as follows –

1wire read (reads the esc info)

1wire save (saves 1wire changes)

1wire auto (Automatically updates all esc firmware)

1wire stop (stops the 1wire connection)

1wire m0/1/2/3=beacondelay=2min (Change esc beacon setting)

1wire m0/1/2/3=upgrade (upgrades esc firmware)

1wire m0/1/2/3=timing=medium/high/low (Changes esc timing)

1wire m0/1/2/3=brakeonstop=disable/enable (changes esc stop)

1wire m0/1/2/3=direction=reversed/normal (changes motor direction)

1wire m0/1/2/3=beepstrength= 01/91/92/93/94/40

  • 01) Stealth Mode (Totally silent, all tones disabled)
    91) Imperial March Startup Tone
    92) “Crazy Start” Tones
    93) Game of Thrones Startup Tone
    94) HG Startup Tone  40) basic

Example using 1 wire command –

“1wire read”

“1wire m0=beepstrength=93”

“1wire m1=beepstrength=93”

“1wire m2=beepstrength=93”

“1wire m3=beepstrength=93”

“1wire save”

“1wire stop”

m0 = Motor 1, m1 = Motor 2, m2 = Motor 3, m3 = Motor 4


  1. I want to know if I can change the double arm feature so that if is like the 195rev, where you double arm the first time but after that it is single arm? I like the new configurator and the latest build but still have to double arm every time. can you help?

  2. Force Upgrade:

    1wire read
    1wire list
    1wire mX=forceupgrade=Y
    (where X is the esc number starting with 0 and Y is the listed firmware)
    1wire stop

    1wire read
    1wire m0=forceupgrade=6
    1wire m1=forceupgrade=6
    1wire m2=forceupgrade=6
    1wire m3=forceupgrade=6
    1wire stop


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