Updating your ESCs with RaceFlight One



To update your Escs with RF1 is a simple process.

Make sure you have your esc signal wires soldered to your flight controller. Make sure your motor is also connected to your Esc as your motor is what generates the tones which indicate the completion stage of this process.

Finally check that your Esc is connected correctly to your power distribution board.

Lets get started!


Firstly, launch RaceFlight One Configurator


Now plug in your flight controller to view the main options screen. Click on option 4, Update ESC



RaceFlight will now ask you to remove your props for safety reasons. When you have done this, plug in your battery and check the box labelled “I have removed my props and connected the battery”

Now, click NEXT


RaceFlight will now determine what escs you have, select the most recent firmware and flash all your escs will the latest firmware. This process can take up to 2 minutes, it is important that you wait for this process to finish as removing the power or interrupting this process could result in your esc being left with no firmware installed.



Thats it! Assuming everything went well your escs are now up to date with the latest firmware, and in the review screen you can compare the settings on each esc.






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